Senior Drivers

License Renewal

  • Customers age 64 and older are required to take a vision screening at each renewal period. Customers can renew in person, by mail, or by fax. 
  • The minimum acceptable vision for a non-commercial license is:
    • 20/60 in at least one eye, with or without corrective lenses and a field of vision of at least 140 degrees.
  • To Renew Online - Age 64 and Older
    • Log into your DDS Online Services Account.
    • Once logged in, scroll down to "Online Licensing Services", and select "Submit Vision Documents" and upload a completed  Download this pdf file. Vision Report Form (DDS-MR-274)   or a vision exam. Either form MUST: 
      • Be dated within the last two years
      • Be completed by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist
      • Include the Visual Acuity Degrees, Horizontal Perception Degrees, or Monocular Field of Vision.
    • You will receive an email indicating approved, rejected, or denied.
      • Approved – Complete your renewal online.
      • Denied – Renewal cannot be completed online. You must come into a DDS Customer Service Center.
      • Incomplete – Review the missing or incomplete information. Resubmit the completed Download this pdf file. Vision Report Form (DDS-MR-274) .
    • NOTE: Customers may download and print a temporary paper license from their DDS Online Services Account. The permanent license will be mailed within 45 days.
  • To Renew in-person - Age 64 and Older
  • To Renew by Mail - Age 64 and Older - Identification Card (ID) only

    The Georgia Department of Drivers Service offers a renewal by mail option for persons over 64 years of age who are unable to visit a Customer Service Center for an ID card only. This option is only available for U.S. citizens who are unable to renew their ID card in person or on-line.

    To apply by mail, customer must submit the Download this pdf file. Mail-In Renewal Packet . Please follow instructions to complete the forms and submit them to DDS to begin the process.

    Please note: Once a customer has applied, it usually takes about thirty (30) days for the application package to process. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend that you submit your completed package to DDS at least sixty (60) days before your ID expires.

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  • Senior Citizens along with other DDS Customers may be eligible for a $5.00 discount on eligible transactions. View Fees and Terms for more information. 
  • An Indigent ID is available at a reduced fee when the customer presents a voucher from an approved Indigent Resource Provider. 
  • A Voter Registration ID is available at no cost for any individual who swears under oath that the ID is needed in order to vote in an election in Georgia.

Other Services:

  • Address Changes can be done online. One (1) free address change is allowed during the term of your license.  
  • Replacements - if your license has been lost, damaged, or stolen it can be replaced online if you have more than 150 days left on your current license. 

Licenses for Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their Spouses

  • A person with evidence of honorable, active duty service in the Armed Forces of the U.S. or evidence of a minimum of twenty years of service in any office of the National Guard may apply for a Veteran's License.

  • A spouse of a disabled, honorably separated veteran who does not have a driver's license or the unmarried surviving spouse of a deceased honorable separated veteran, is entitled to an Honorary Veteran's License.

  • A person may apply for a National Guard License which is a distinctive license to any member of the Georgia National Guard in good standing and who has completed at least one year of satisfactory service.

Surrendering a Driver's License

  • When a customer chooses to cease driving, they may voluntarily surrender their driver’s license.
    • They must visit a DDS Customer Service Center and complete the Affidavit for Voluntary Surrender Form (DDS-577).
    • Customers can apply for an ID at that time. 
    • If they wish to reinstate, depending upon the circumstance, they may be required to retest. 
    • You cannot apply for an ID online if you are surrendering your license.  You must visit a center. 
  • If a relative, court, law enforcement officer, judge, doctor, or citizen has concerns about the diminished driving ability of a license holder: