Qualify for Indigent Status to obtain an Indigent ID Card.

  • Basic Requirements

    • To qualify for an Indigent ID, a customer must obtain a voucher from an approved Indigent Resource Provider (non-profit agency).
  • Plan Ahead

    All Customers visiting a center must submit the required Online License/ID/Permit form.

  • Get the required documents

    • You must present documentation showing your identity, residential address, and US citizenship or proof of lawful status in the United States. Your full Social Security Number must be provided on the required online License/ID/Permit Form.  Please refer to Real ID Requirements for more information.
    • A voucher from an approved Indigent Resource Provider (non-profit agency).
    • At your visit be prepared to pay the required fee. See FEES and TERMS for more information.
    • All documents must be in English.
  • Additional Information

    • If an Indigent ID card is lost or stolen, another voucher from the Indigent Resource Provider may be required to receive another card at the reduced fee.
    • Applicants with a valid driver's license from another state are not eligible for a Georgia ID card.