Medical Review Process

When DDS receives written correspondence, either in the form of a letter or the Download this pdf file.Request for Driver Review (DDS 270) , from a non-anonymous relative, court, law enforcement officer, judge, doctor, or concerned citizen pertaining to the diminished driving ability of a license holder, the following process takes place:

  1. DDS sends the  Download this pdf file.Medical Form (DS-287)  and/or  Download this pdf file.Vision Form (DS-274)  to the customer requesting a Medical Evaluation by a doctor. If the customer fails to comply within a 30 day period, they will receive a revocation notice. The notice informs them that their driving privileges will be revoked in 30 days for medical reasons. It also states that they may request a Hearing within 15 days of receiving the notice.
  2. If the Medical Evaluation signed by the doctor clears the customer, DDS clears the driving record of any notation relating to the original medical request, no action is taken and no changes are made to their driving privileges.
  3. If the customer has been advised that they must retest and they fail to do so within the allotted period of time, then they will be revoked.
  4. If the customer is revoked, but later cleared to drive, but are still required to retake the Knowledge and Road Tests, DDS sends them a letter informing them that they should visit a Customer Service Center to get retested.
  5. If DDS receives conflicting medical reports from two different doctors, DDS refers the customer's file to the DDS Medical Advisory Board. The Board then makes a recommendation to DDS. DDS will render the final decision that determines if the customer is fit to drive.

Driver Evaluations

Many doctors rely on detailed feedback from a certified driver rehabilitation specialist to help decide whether or not a person is fit to drive. They offer a clinical and behind the wheel assessment of driving skills. It includes a review of recommendations with the driver and caregivers.