Real ID Requirements

All permanent licenses issued in Georgia after 2012 are REAL ID Compliant.  To verify you have a Real ID document, check the upper right-hand corner of your License/ID for either a:

Black Star or Gold Star

Do you have a Real ID License/ID?

  • If you are a US Citizen and have a Real ID card, you will NOT need to bring your documents in again unless you are performing a name change, gender change or other related services that require identification verification

Don't have a Real ID License/ID or you hold an Out of State or Foreign License?

  • You must visit a Customer Service Center and bring proof of all identification documents.  To obtain your Real ID License/ID bring original or certified documents that prove the following or view the complete list of Real ID Documents:

NOTE: All State-Issued Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards must be Real ID compliant by October 1, 2020.  Please plan accordingly if you do not hold a Real ID issued document, especially if you plan to travel.

NOTE: Please view the License and/or Service pages for additional document requirements.  Additional documents may be required for your License and/or Service. 

  1. Identity Document (one document) - An original or certified document to prove WHO YOU ARE such as a certified Birth Certificate, US Passport, Certificate of Naturalization, I-551, etc. 
  2. Your Social Security Card. (one document) - Visit Social Security Administration for more information.
  3. Two Documents showing Georgia residency - where you live (e.g. utility bill, phone bill). These documents must show a street address and be dated within the past six (6) months.
  4. Non-Citizens - view Real ID Documents list for other required documents.
Printable Real ID Checklist:

Additional Information: 

  • Name Change: - If the name on your identity document differs from your current legal name, you must provide document(s) to show your name change history (For example, the name on Birth Certificate does not match to current legal name due to a marriage). NOTE: Documents are required even if your name is correct on your current license/id. (See the complete list of Real ID Documents for additional requirements).
      • Customers who hold a valid GA Driver's License or ID Card are to present the original or certified document which supports the most recent name change.
      • Customers who are new to Georgia must provide the complete trail of original or certified documents that support ALL name changes.
  • Minors - may present a passport; however, proof of guardianship requires a certified birth certificate or certified court-ordered documents. 
  • Non-Citizens Original immigration documentation must be submitted each time service is requested pertaining to a driver's license or identification card. ​(See the complete list of Real ID Documents for additional requirements.)
  • Gender Change - A gender update requires applicants to submit a court order or physician's letter certifying gender change.  The letter or court order shall state the person's name, date of birth, date of gender reassignment operation, and other identifying information. A passport showing the gender update can be used also.
  • Additional Documents: Please view the license type and/or service pages for additional documents that may be required during your visit. 

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