ID Card FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about getting an ID in Georgia. 

  • 1. Does DDS offer discounted fees for Senior Citizens and the indigent?

    DDS does not offer Senior Citizen discounts. Indigent Vouchers for free Georgia IDs can be obtained from several indigent resource providers.

  • 2. I lost my Georgia driver's license/ ID and I don't want my identity to be stolen. How can I get a new license number?

    You can obtain a new driver's license number/ ID number by bringing a copy of the police report which clearly states that your driver's license or ID was stolen or compromised. If your license or ID was stolen, we recommend the following precautions: Monitor your banking and credit cards. Watch for any indication that anyone is using your personal information. Monitor your personal information by regularly requesting a credit report. You may also wish to place a fraud alert on your credit file. Driver's License Fraud.

    See the Fees and Terms page for more information on License/ID/Permit card fees and terms.

  • 3. How much is a Georgia ID for U.S. citizens?

    View the Fees and Terms page for more information on License/ID/Permit card fees and terms.

  • 4. How can I replace my lost or stolen driver's license/ ID?

    View Replace Lost License/ID for more information.

  • 5. How old must you be to get a Georgia ID?

    A Georgia ID can be obtained at any age as long as the applicant can sign their name or make a mark indicating their signature. View the list of Real ID Documents for more information.

  • 6. Can I have both a Georgia driver’s license/permit and ID ?

    Yes, you can have different documents based on the services you are requesting; however, only one can be a Real ID document.

  • 7. Can I transfer an ID from another state?

    You can apply for a Georgia ID; however, you must surrender your out-of-state ID.

  • 8. If I am homeless, what do I use as a residential address?

    You must obtain a voucher from an approved Indigent Resource Provider (non-profit agency).

  • 9. Can I use a personal check as proof of residency?

    Yes, checks are accepted as proof of residency as long as your full name and address is listed on it.

  • 10. Who can sign the application for a minor to get an Identification Card (ID)?

    A Parent, Legal Guardian or Responsible Adult can sign the application for a minor.