1.       Any person who operates a school bus must possess a commercial driver's license with a passenger vehicle endorsement and a school bus endorsement.

 2.      A driver must satisfy the following requirements in order to obtain a school bus endorsement:

a.      Qualify for the passenger vehicle endorsement.

b.      Pass the passenger and school bus knowledge tests. These tests shall examine the driver's knowledge of the following areas:

  1. Loading and unloading children, including the safe operation of stop signal devices, external mirror systems, flashing lights and other warning and passenger safety devices required for school buses by Georgia law or federal law or regulation.
  2. Emergency exits and procedures for safely evacuating passengers in an   emergency.
  3. State and Federal laws and regulations related to safely traversing highway rail grade crossings.
  4. Applicant will be issued a CLP with both the passenger (P) endorsement and school bus (S) endorsements.  The CLP will also have a ‘P’ restriction which prohibits passengers in CMV bus.

c.      Upon successful completion of the skills test the applicant will be issued a CDL with both the Passenger (P) and school bus (S) endorsements. The driver must be able to perform a vehicle inspection, pass the basic skills test and pass a driving skills test in a school bus that is of the same vehicle group of the school bus the driver will operate.

Authority: O.C.G-A. Sec. 40-5-142, 40-5-150, 40-16-5(c), and 49 C.F.R.383
Effective Date: 2/8/2017

Short Title
CDL Rule 1-1-.14