CDL Schools Information

Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Training Schools within Georgia must be licensed and approved by DDS.

School Information:

  • The training schools are inspected before beginning operations.
  • Regular audits are done during the year by the DDS Regulatory Compliance Division. This is to ensure compliance with the DDS rules and regulations.
  • The original application must include
    • the curriculum,
    • along with all documents and student handouts.
  • The curriculum is reviewed and approved by DDS before issuance of a Certificate of Approval. Certificates are issued for a period of four (4) years and must be renewed at the end of that time.

Training School Instructors:

  • Instructors at Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Training Schools are certified and licensed by DDS.
  • All Instructors must pass a comprehensive written test. Once passed, an Instructor's permit can be issued.

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