CDL Regulated Program FAQs

CDL Program FAQs

  • 1. Will my instructor's license allow me to instruct at any truck training school within Georgia?

    No, Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Training School Instructors can only instruct at the school that they are approved to teach at. If the person changes schools they must complete a transfer application.

  • 2. When does an Instructor’s license expire?

    The instructor license is issued for a period of four (4) years unless otherwise canceled, suspended or revoked by DDS. a. My instructor's license has been expired for over three (3) years; do I need to submit a new application? Yes, you must re-qualify if the instructor license has been expired for more than 3 years.

  • 3. How long does it take for an application to be processed?

    Every effort is made to process applications as soon as possible. No application can be processed until a background investigation has been completed for each applicant and all required documents have been received. We ask that applicants allow 30 days for processing, however, an incomplete application may result in further delay.

  • 4. Can I obtain a license for a commercial driver training school without providing a range for training?

    No, you must provide for practical truck and/or bus driver training, a range a minimum of 62,500 square feet. The range area must be sufficient to teach the skills required in the Georgia CDL Drivers Manual. The minimum length required for the off-set backing maneuver is 340 feet.

  • 5. Do I have to provide classroom, range and road training in order to obtain a license?

    Yes, you must provide all three.

  • 6. What classroom setup is required?

    Classrooms must include individual desks or tables with chairs to accommodate students comfortably. The minimum class size is 300 square feet.

  • 7. Is observation time considered road training?

    No, road training is considered actual behind the wheel training with the student in the driver seat.

  • 8. Do I have to provide training in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules and Regulations?

    Yes, all commercial driver training schools must provide instruction in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules and Regulations.

    For material to study for the instructor's exam, please view the following:

    Detailed information and applications for school certification and instructor certification are included with the application packages and can be accessed on our CDL Regulated Programs webpage.

  • 9. How do I file a complaint against a Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Training School or Instructor?

    Download and fill out the Download this pdf file. Complaint Form on our website and submit to: Georgia Department of Driver Services Regulatory Compliance Division 2206 East View Parkway Conyers, Georgia 30013 Provide a copy of your student contract, the nature of the complaint and whether you have discussed the complaint with the school.

  • 10. Will I receive a reminder about the expiration of my certification?

    As of April 1, 2014, all Renewal Reminder Notices to programs and instructors are only sent via email. As a result, it is imperative that DDS is notified immediately of any changes of email addresses. Please be mindful that DDS sends renewal reminder notices as a courtesy. Programs and instructors should be cognizant of their expiration dates and begin the renewal process within 30 to 60 days prior to that date.

  • 11. What are the qualifications to operate a Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Training School?
    • All applications must be made in writing to DDS.
    • Copies of all documents used in the school must be submitted for approval.
    • Copy of all curriculum used including videos and any student handouts.
    • Provide proof of valid liability insurance.
    • Please include all required documents on the application checklist when you submit it to DDS. All owners/corporate officers are required to submit electronic fingerprints through the Georgia Applicant Processing System as part of the application process.
  • 12. What are the qualifications for an Instructor at a Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Training School?
    • All instructors must be at least 21 years of age
    • Be of good moral character
    • Must have an unexpired driver's license to operate a motor vehicle before applying for a driver training instructor's certificate and a Commercial Drivers’ license the same as the class being taught.
    • Applicant must successfully pass a background investigation and driver history check prior to approval.
    • Successfully pass a written examination administered by DDS.
    • Applicant must be employed by a licensed Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Training School.
    • Please include all required documents on the application checklist when you submit it to DDS. All applicants are required to submit electronic fingerprints through the Georgia Applicant Processing System as part of the application process.