Suspensions and Revocations

How are convictions reported? 
  • After a conviction of a traffic offense, the court will forward notice of that conviction to DDS. The conviction information will be placed on the driver's driving record by DDS and additional penalties will be imposed, if applicable. Some offenses can result in the loss of your driving privileges. 
Where can I find information on convictions reported and consequences to my license?
  • If you have been convicted of one or more offenses, that can impact your driving record, we recommend you view your individual record. Click on the Reinstate link below or download the DDS 2 GO Mobile App to see how your driving record has been impacted by an offense and how to reinstate your license if it has been suspended. Allow some time for the courts to provide the information to DDS. 


My license has been suspended, can I still drive?
  • In some situations, a limited driving permit may be available for a fee during the suspension period that restricts the places and purpose that you are allowed to drive. See Limited Permit for more information.
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