Limited Permits

When a license gets suspended, drivers may qualify for a limited driving permit.  The limited permits are available during the suspension period. Permits will restrict where and why you can drive.  Such as: 

  • Driving to your place of employment to perform the normal duties of your occupation.

  • Receiving scheduled medical attention or get prescribed drugs.

  • Attending classes at a college or school that you are enrolled as a student.

  • Attending support organizations for the treatment of alcohol or other drugs.

  • Attending a driver education program or alcohol/drug assessment and treatment program.

  • Attend court, report to community supervision or probation, or perform community service. 

  • Transport unlicensed immediate family members to work, school, medical care, or get prescriptions.

  • Attend by an accountability court judge. 

DDS may also specify:

  • The places you can travel to

  • Specific routes of travel

  • Times of travel

  • State vehicles or other restrictions deemed necessary

Limited driving permits are not valid for driving a commercial vehicle and may be revoked by DDS.  Your permit may be revoked as a result of:

  • Violating any state law or local ordinance relating to the movement of vehicles

  • Violate any of the conditions or restrictions of your permit

  • Another imposed suspension

View Fees and Terms for limited permit fees and terms.