Limited Permits

When a license is suspended, drivers may qualify for a limited driving permit.  The limited permits are available for fee during the suspension period and will restrict the places and purpose that you are allowed to drive such as:

  1. Driving to your place of employment to perform the normal duties of your occupation.
  2. Receiving scheduled medical attention or obtain prescribed drugs.
  3. Attending classes at a college or school in which you are enrolled as a student.
  4. Attending regularly scheduled sessions or meetings of support organizations for the treatment of alcohol or other drugs.
  5. Attending a driver education program or alcohol/drug assessment and treatment program.
  6. Attend court, report to community supervision or probation, or to perform community service. 
  7. Transport unlicensed immediate family members to obtain medical care or prescriptions, to work, or to school. 
  8. Attend any programs or activities ordered by an accountability court judge. 

DDS may also specify:

  • the places you can travel to
  • specific routes of travel
  • times of travel
  • and indicate vehicles, or other restrictions deemed necessary. 

Limited driving permits are not valid for driving a commercial vehicle.

A limited driving permit will be revoked by DDS if you are convicted of violating any state law or local ordinance relating to the movement of vehicles, violating any of the conditions or restrictions of your permit, or if another suspension is imposed.

Limited Driving Permits & Fees