Online Services FAQs

Online Services most frequently asked questions. 

  • How do I get a Driving History (MVR)?
    • To get a Driving History Report (MVR), login to Online Services.
    • Select Purchase Driving History (MVR).

    For more information, visit MVR.


  • Why am I having problems logging in to my account?

    In order to standardize all customer accounts and provide the highest level of security, DDS is asking all customers to establish a new account. 

    If you are accessing the system for the first time after January 18, 2021, you must recreate your account. 

  • How do I replace a lost license?
    • You can replace your lost, stolen, or damaged license, ID, or permit by logging into Online Services. 
    • Select the link labeled, Start Here for Licensing Services to begin the process to replace a lost or stolen card. 

    To see if you qualify, visit License/ID Replacement.

  • How Do I Delete My Online Services Account?

    Click the link below to view detailed instructions on how to delete your DDS Online Services account.

    delete online services account | Georgia Department of Driver Services

  • What is a non-certified Driving History (MVR)?

    A non-certified Driving History (MVR) is intended for personal, informational use only.  Internet-generated documents are not generally accepted by employers or government agencies.  Therefore, a non-certified Driving History (MVR) cannot be used to verify your driving history.

  • What services are offered by DDS Online Services?

    Select Online Services below to view the Homepage for all services offered online. 

  • Why can I not view a copy of the Certified Driving History (MVR) using DDS Online Services?

    Certified Driving Histories (MVR) reflects the information available on the date the record is printed and certified.  Viewing the record on the day of the request may not provide all the information provided on the certified Driving History.  This is because additional conviction data may be received between the date the Certified Driving History is requested and the date that it is printed and certified.

  • Can I add or remove a restriction to my Drivers License using DDS Online Services?

    No - DDS requires that customers test or provide documentation to add or remove restrictions from their Driver's License. Therefore, customers who wish to add or remove a restriction must visit a DDS CSC.

  • How do I print my Driving History (MVR)?

    To print your Driving History (MVR):

    • Click on the Printable Version button on the Driving History (MVR) screen
    • or Click on the printer icon on the Adobe Reader screen.
  • What is DDS' e-mail usage policy?

    The DDS e-mail usage policy can be found within the DDS Privacy Statement.

  • Why can't I change my address and replace my lost license at the same time?

    Your license is replaced in the process of changing your address with DDS.  A separate replacement transaction is not needed.

  • What are the requirements to replace a lost, damaged or stolen card by Internet?

    View License/ID Replacement requirements to replace your card using the internet.

  • I would like to upgrade my Class D license to a Class C. When can I request this change?

    Customers may request an upgrade from a Class D to a Class C license within 7 days of their 18th birthday. However, the request will not be processed until the day of their 18th birthday. If the customer is 18 or older, the request will be processed immediately.

  • How do I upload the vision report form (DDS-MR-274) for 64 and over?
    1. Login or create an account with DDS Online Services.
    2. Once logged in, select "upload vision documents" and upload a completed  Download this pdf file. Vision Report Form (DDS-MR-274)  or a vision exam.
  • I am 64 years old or older. Can you tell me why I did not receive a post card reminder to renew using DDS Online Services?

    All customers age 64 and older must take an eye test in order to renew their license. This is why no postcard reminder was sent. Please visit your closest DDS Customer Service Center to complete your service in person. Or, for more information about completing your service by mail or fax, visit our Seniors page.

  • My license status shows that my CDL privileges are cancelled. Does this mean that I cannot drive even though I do not have a CDL license?

    The CDL cancellation occurs when a customer is convicted of certain violations within certain periods of time. This cancellation prohibits customers that do not have a CDL license from obtaining one while the cancellation is in effect. The customer is still eligible to drive a non-commercial vehicle as long as there are no other suspensions, revocations, or cancellations in effect.

  • Is your web site secure?

    The security of your personal information is very important to us.  In an effort to protect your personal information, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology with 128-bit encryption.  Your browser should support SSL (most current browsers do).  It will automatically encrypt the information you provide to us on the secured pages, before sending it over the Internet. 

    The Georgia Department of Driver Services obtained a digital certificate from DigiCert Global CA, a leading provider of Internet trust services.  When visiting a page on our site that includes any of your personal information, you will see an icon of a closed padlock or an unbroken key (depending upon your browser).  This indicates that you have successfully connected with our secure server.  To authenticate the security of your connection before submitting any of your personal information, you can double click on the icon to display our digital certificate. 

  • What are the requirements to request a Driver's License or Identification Card renewal by Internet?

    View Renew License or ID for information on renewing your license.

  • What is the difference between a Certified and non-certified Driving History (MVR)?

    A certified Driving History (MVR) is used to verify the official status and activity associated with your Driver's License for:

    • Employers,
    • Insurance companies,
    • Courts,
    • Schools,
    • and any other entity that requires an official record.

    This document is stamped and signed by a DDS official. This official stamp provides the authenticity of the record for the entities listed above.

  • I have a CDL license. Can I renew, replace or change my address using DDS Online Services?

    No – CDL customers renewing or making changes to their Driver's License are not eligible to conduct their service via the Internet.

    CDL customers are required to update their photo with any change to their Driver's License.  However, CDL customers can request an ID as long as the address on the ID matches the current CDL license. 

    CDL customers may conduct many other transactions via Online Services including:

    • requesting a Driving History Report (MVR),
    • paying fees,
    • viewing points,
    • and other DDS Online Services.
  • If I renew using Online Services, is my current unexpired card still valid to drive on or use for identification?

    Yes.  Once the new document is received the customer is required by law to destroy the previous license, ID, or permit card.   Legal requirements mandate that customers hold only one unexpired Driver's License, Identification Card, or Permit.

  • I have a National Guard Driver's License (DL) or Identification Card (ID). Can I renew using DDS Online Services?

    No – To receive a National Guard DL/ID the customer must provide proof of active duty. This requires a DDS team member to review and record the necessary documents. However, if the customer has retired from the National Guard, he or she may be eligible for a Veterans DL/ID.

  • I have a National Guard Driver's License (DL) or Identification Card (ID). Can I change my address using DDS Online Services?

    Address changes must be performed by either:

    a) Visiting your choice of DDS Customer Service Centers and bring one document with the new address on it and be prepared to take a photo.
    b) Calling the dedicated DDS customer service number 678-413-8858 to conduct a secure video verification.

    Members of the National Guard can participate in replacement services as long as the term will not extend the expiration date of their existing card. However, a second address change will require the renewal of the card and will extend the date of expiration. This requires a visit to the local DDS CSC with proof of enlistment within the National Guard.

  • Can I renew or replace a lost Driver's License or Identification card that is expired?

    Customers may renew, replace a lost, stolen, or damaged Driver's License or Identification Card that has not been expired more than 2 years.

    You must be 18 years or older to conduct an online transaction.

  • My Driver's License number is the same as my Social Security number. Can I change this using DDS Online Services?

    Georgia Law prohibits the customer's Driver's License (DL) or Identification Card (ID) from being the same as the Social Security number (SSN).  This is to protect the customer’s personal identification information.  If you renew, replace a lost, stolen, or damaged, or change the address on your DL or ID and your card number is the same as your SSN, the system will automatically assign you a new number. 

    Please note that if your card number is changed you will be notified on your confirmation.  You should contact your motor vehicle insurance company if applicable and provide them with the new number.  You should also contact any other entities that identify you using your DL or ID number.  

  • One of the service options is to surrender my Driver's License or Identification Card. If I do this what will happen to my privileges?

    If you choose to surrender your Driver's License (DL) or Identification Card (ID) using the DDS Online Services, that card will no longer be valid.

    If you surrender a Driver's License - you are no longer a valid Georgia Driver. You cannot drive with a surrendered license. 

    If an Identification card is surrendered, it means that the card is no longer valid for Identification purposes.

    If you surrender a card online and later chooses to renew, replace or change the address of that card, you will be required to visit a DDS CSC.

  • Can I add change the class of my license using DDS Online Services?

    The only class change that can be made to a Driver's License using DDS Online Services is upgrading from a Class D to a Class C.

    Customers who are 18 years old or older can request by selecting Class D to C Upgrade.

    No other changes to the Class of the license can be made via Online Services.

  • I have a National Guard Driver's License (DL) or Identification Card (ID). Can I replace a lost, stolen or damaged card using DDS Online Services?

    Yes – Members of the National Guard can participate in replacement services as long as the term will not extend the expiration date of their existing card.

  • Can I drive on my expired license after I renew, update or replace my license using DDS Online Services?

    You may drive on your receipt, printed during your DDS Online Services Transaction, while you wait for your permanent card to arrive in the mail.

    This receipt serves as temporary proof of your renewed, updated or replaced GA Driver’s License or Permit. 

    Your GA Driver’s License or Permit card should arrive within 30 days of completing the transaction.

  • Will I receive a paper (interim) or permanent card in the mail?

    If you completed licensing and/or identification card services using DDS Online Services you should receive the permanent card in the mail within 30 days. You will be able to immediately print a paper receipt that allows you to drive in GA.

    Login to Online Services and select the Order Status, Receipts, and Transaction History link to view and print your receipt.

  • How do I complete the For-Hire License Endorsement application?

    All For-hire Endorsement applications must be submitted by logging into your DDS Online Services account.  

    All limousine chauffeurs, taxi cab drivers, and rideshare drivers must have either: 

    • a For-Hire License Endorsement
    • or a private background check certification through the limousine carrier, taxi service, or rideshare network that employs them. 

    In order to successfully submit the application, you must complete the application, upload all required documents, and pay online the $15 application fee.

    All applicants are also required to submit electronic fingerprints through the Georgia Applicant Processing System as part of the application process.  You will receive a confirmation when your application has been submitted.   You may check the status of your application by logging into your DDS Online Services account and selecting the For-hire Endorsement option.

  • I am not a U.S citizen but have lawful status in the U.S. Why am I prohibited from using the Internet to renew, replace or change my address Online?

    All non-citizens must provide official proof of lawful status to conduct any transaction that will result in the issuance of a Driver's License, Identification Card or Permit. Therefore, these customers must visit a DDS office so a team member can physically view and process the necessary documentation. These customers may conduct many other transactions via Online Services including requesting a Driving History (MVR), paying fees, viewing points, and more.

  • Can I apply for an extension on my driver’s license if my immigration documents are still being processed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?
    • Must be an existing DDS customer.
    • The Georgia license, permit or Identification card must have expired or must be expiring within thirty (30) days.
    • Must provide proof of having requested an extension for time to remain lawfully within the United States by presenting an original I-797C Notice of Action.