Petition for Administrative Rule Amendment

The purpose of this memo is to inform you that the Department received a Petition to amend rule 375-5-6-.15(4) Intervention Component.  The Petition sought to eliminate the minimum five (5) paid contracts requirements in an effort to minimize the number of class cancellations due to low enrollmen

Ignition Interlock Permit Pending Revocation Notice

Effective November 1, 2017, upon receipt of a Non-Compliance Report from an interlock provider, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) will send a Pending Revocation Notice to the affected customer, advising that the Ignition Interlock Permit has been placed in a pending revocation status.

DUI NEEDS Assessment Results Memo

This memorandum serves as a reminder that the Needs Assessment results may not be released to DUI Offenders. O.C.G.A.

DUI Workbook Fee Increase

Prevention Research Institute (PRI) recently mailed a letter to Program Owners regarding the $5 workbook fee increase. Effective October 15, 2017, the total DUI Course Fee that students will remit to you will be $360.00.

Assessment Component       $100

Certified CDL Third Party Testers, Examiners, CDL School Owners, and Instructors

The purpose of this memo is to inform you of a new application that is available to all CDL Certified Third Party Examiners and Instructors that may need to have a new certification card issued due to a name change.

Extension of CDL Examiner Certification Dates Memo

The purpose of this memo is to inform you that the DDS will be extending the expiration dates of the current CDL Examiner Certification Card by two (2) years. This extension is based on your passing of the AAMVA Certified Commercial Examiner (CCE) Knowledge Exam.

DUI and DI Administrative Rule Amendments

The purpose of this memo is to inform you of some important administrative rule changes impacting the Driver Improvement and Risk Reduction Programs. To maintain compliance with O.C.G.A 40-5-81 (d), the following rules will become effective on August 3, 2017.

Electronic Third Party Road Skills Test Certificates (non-commercial)

The Georgia Department of Driver Services is pleased to announce that the Online Certification Reporting Application (OCRA) has been enhanced to include the Third Party Testing Program (TPT).  Effective August 1, 2017, Third Party Testers and Examiners will have the ability to electronica

New Legislation Impacting the Ignition Interlock Program

The purpose of this memo is to remind you of an important piece of legislation pertaining to Ignition Interlock that was enacted during the 2016 Legislative Session of the Georgia General Assembly. Certain provisions of HB205 will become effective on July 1, 2017.

CDL License Fee Increase and Online CDL Application Memo

The purpose of this memo is to inform you of two (2) important changes impacting CDL applicants. Effective July 1, 2017, the CDL license fee will increase from $20 to $32. The fee for this eight (8)year CDL license will then be consistent with the non-commercial license fee.