As we age, our health and medication that we take has the potential to impact our driving skills.  “Aging does not automatically mean that it’s time to stop driving or that someone is a poor driver.  It is, however, a good time to evaluate your and/or your loved one’s driving health as well as refresh driving skills as needed,“ said DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore.

DDS offers an in person vision screening as well as an online option for those customers aged 64 and older, who are required to take a vision screening at each renewal period.  Customers who prefer to visit a private physician, are able to use our online services to submit a vision report completed within the last two years by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.

DDS also has safeguards in place for those who are concerned about a customer’s ability to safely drive a vehicle due to medical issues.  DDS offers a Medical Review process for not only mature drivers but any licensed driver where evidence of diminished driving ability is presented. A Medical Review Board manages a clinical and behind the wheel assessment of driving skills and includes a review of recommendations with the driver and caregiver

NHTSA offers free educational resources on their website at for mature drivers and their caretakers.

For complete driver education and testing information, please visit the DDS website at