Accessibility Resources

What Is Accessibility?


Accessibility is the design of products, devices, services, vehicles, or environments so as to be usable by people with disabilities. Our mission at DDS is to provide excellent customer service, which includes helping disabled and neurodivergent customers in having a smooth experience. Below you will find information on receiving accessible service, as well as third-party tools and resources.

Georgia Department of Driver Services is committed to delivering quality service to everyone.

Here is some information and external resources on user accessibility:

Oral Exams

DDS provides oral exams for disabled customers via in person appointments. Contact us today and ask about oral exams.

Screen Readers

JAWS® – Freedom Scientific

Vehicle Accessibility

5 Car Accessories for Disabled Adults and Caregivers (

Adapted Vehicles | NHTSA.


Explore Accessibility Tools:

Accessibility tools for vision - Microsoft Support

Accessibility tools for hearing - Microsoft Support

Accessibility tools for neurodiversity - Microsoft Support

Accessibility tools for learning - Microsoft Support

Accessibility tools for mobility - Microsoft Support

Accessibility tools for mental health - Microsoft Support


Additional Resources:

How To Apply for a Disability Parking Permit

Get an ID card for Persons with Disabilities

Download this pdf file. License Medical Disability Form

Handicap ID and Symbol

Medical and Vision Information