Military, Veterans, and National Guard

Active Military and Dependents

Military Photo Attention to Flag
  • Military personnel on active duty can request a Georgia driver's license/ID card renewal through the mail.
  • The same privilege is also extended to a military person's spouse and any licensed dependents or ID card holders living with the person who is on duty in a foreign domain or in a state other than Georgia.
  • For complete information and instructions use the Download this pdf file. Mail-in Renewal Packet .

In-State Grace Period

  • Georgia law allows a six-month grace period for a service member whose Georgia driver's license expires while on active duty outside the State of Georgia. This grace period is not added to the expiration date.  If the service member's license is not a GA Driver's License, this provision does not apply.  The service member should contact the issuing state for more information. 
  • Service members are allowed to drive in Georgia on an expired Georgia driver's license for six months after the date of being discharged or reassigned back into the state.
  • Service members are exempt from being cited for driving with an expired license. If cited, a copy of the official military orders or a written verification signed by a commanding officer must be brought into a Customer Service Center and a waiver will be issued.

Veteran and Honorary Licenses

  • Qualified Veterans are eligible for a free driver's license. The license is printed with the American Flag symbol. 
  • Qualified Veterans must submit their Armed Forces Separation Papers (DD-214) or a Download this pdf file. Certificate of Eligibility (DS-516B) from the Georgia Department of Veteran Services.
  • Customers age 64 and older are required to take and successfully complete a vision screening at each renewal period.  See Senior Drivers for more information. 
  • The spouse of a disabled separated veteran who does not have a driver's license or a surviving spouse (who has not remarried) of a deceased separated veteran is entitled to the same driver's license available to the veteran. Applicant must submit an original Download this pdf file. Certificate of Eligibility (DS-516B) , approved by the Georgia Department of Veteran Services.
  • Former members of the Georgia National Guard or reserve forces, who have 20 or more years of creditable service, are entitled to a free veteran's license by submitting a document of certification stating the applicant's eligibility.

*Activation for training purposes does not qualify an individual for a Georgia Veterans Driver's License.

National Guard

  • A free National Guard driver's license can be issued to:

    • any member of the Georgia National Guard in good standing by submitting the  Download this pdf file. Certificate of Eligibility (DS-318B)

      • The Download this pdf file. Certificate of Eligibility (DS-318B) must be signed by the local National Guard Commanding Officer and brought into any Customer Service Center to have a driver's license issued.

      • This driver's license is renewable during the time of service in the National Guard or until 20 years of service has been obtained which entitles you to a Veteran's License.

Medical Info on Driver’s License or ID Card

  • Senate Bill 419 allows DDS to mark a driver’s license or ID card to show that the customer has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) if requested by a member of the military or a veteran.
  • DDS offers this functionality to all customers, and PTSD is not the only medical condition allowed.
  • View the Download this pdf file. License Medical/Disability Application Form for more information.

CDL Military Waivers

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