The CDL Military Waiver or Even Exchange allows qualified military service members to apply for a Commercial License (CDL) without having to take the road test.

  • Get Prepared

    • Military service members that satisfy ALL the following criteria are eligible for the waiver:
      • Active duty or military service members that have been honorably discharged within 1 year or less.
      • Active duty or military service members that are experienced in operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) that is of the same class and type, for at least 2 years immediately preceding his/her honorable discharge from the military.
    • Even Exchange Program- CDL knowledge test waiver 
      • Certain MOS/Ratings can apply for an even exchange of Military Commercial Motor Vehicle training and experience for a Georgia CDL.  Please view the detailed explanation of even exchange on the waiver application for more details on the Even Exchange Program 

    NOTE: Military service members that DO NOT meet the above criteria must apply through the regular CDL process. For more information visit the CDL Homepage.

    • Military service members must complete the Application For Military CDL Skills Test Waiver or Even Exchange Form in its entirety.
      • The application must be completed and signed by the military service member.
      • A Certificate of Commercial Driving Experience will be emailed to the applicant's Commanding Officer (CO). The Certificate must be completed and signed by the CO.
      • The CO must certify what kind of vehicle(s) the applicant has operated, for at least 2 years immediately preceding his/her discharge from the military.
    • Be prepared to pay all fees at the time of issuance.  (Do not send fees with your application.)
      • CDL Application Fee - $35
      • License Fee - $32
      • If you currently have a Veteran's (Combat) Status on your License your fees may be waived. 
  • Application Process

    Complete the electronic Military Waiver Application:

    1. Please allow at least 30 DAYS to process your application. (Incomplete applications or missing supporting documents applications will not be processed.)
    2. Once processed, an approval letter will be mailed to the military service member along with further instructions.
    3. The military service member can visit any DDS Customer Service Center to present the approval letter and take the appropriate knowledge test(s).
    4. The military service member must successfully pass the knowledge test (minimum passing score of 80 for all CDL tests).
    5. To ensure you have all the necessary documentation/forms please reference the following list:


  • Commercial Driver's License Restrictions

    Based on the responses from the application, the following restrictions may apply:

    • Full air brakes - No restriction code require
    • Air over Hydraulic - Restriction code Z
    • No Air brakes - Restriction code L
    • Only gooseneck truck (no Truck Trailer) - Restriction code O
    • Automatic Transmission – Restriction code E