CDL Medical Certification and Self-Certification Process

All Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders licensed in Georgia may submit their Medical Certifications online. However, CDL drivers wishing to certify their driving category or make a change to their CDL Self Certification Status must submit the CDL Self Certification Form in person at a DDS Customer Service Center.

Please note that Self Certification Forms only need to be submitted once. They must be re-submitted (in person) ONLY if there is a change in the Self Certification Status.

  • CDL Medical Certificate Help

    You must determine whether you operate in interstate or intrastate commerce, and are excepted or non-excepted from either the Federal or State requirements. 

    • EXCEPTED (E): If you answer "YES" to any of the questions below, your commercial driver status is EXCEPTED (E). 

      • Drive a School Bus?                                         
      • Transport for a federal government, state, or political subdivision?
      • Occasionally transport personal property (Personal use)?
      • Drive a fire truck or rescue vehicle?
      • Drive for custom farm harvesting operations?
      • Transport human corpses, sick or injured persons?
      • Drive a 9-15 passenger van (<26,001 pounds)?
      • Drive a non-combination vehicle controlled and operated by a farmer (no hazardous materials)?
      • Provide emergency delivery of propane?
      • Transport migrant workers?
      • Transport bees seasonally as a Beekeeper?
    • NON-EXCEPTED (N) - If you drive for any other reason than those listed above, your commercial driver's status is NON-EXCEPTED (N).

      • You drive inside the State of GA only AND the cargo on your vehicle is from inside the state of GA and will not leave the State of GA. 
      • You drive from the state of GA to any other State or Foreign Country: OR
      • You move cargo in the state of GA that came from another state; OR
      • Your cargo will be moved to another State or Foreign Country
  • Self-Certification Help

    Based on your answers above you must certify one of the four (4) following categories:

    1. Non-excepted Interstate (NI) - I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce and am required to maintain federal medical certification. (Medical Certificate/Card Required)
    2. Non-excepted Intrastate (NA) - I operate or expect to operate only in intrastate commerce and am required to meet FMCSA driver qualification requirements. (Medical Certificate/Card Required)
    3. Excepted Interstate (EI) - I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce, but engage exclusively in operations that qualify me for exception from the requirement to maintain federal medical certification.
    4. Excepted Intrastate (EA) - I operate or expect to operate only in a city, county, state or federal vehicle only, and I am exempt from the FMCSA driver qualification requirements.


  • How do I submit CDL Medical Certificate and/or Medical Variance Documents?

    There are four ways to submit: 

    1. Submit Online:  Visit  Online Services and select the Submit CDL Self-Certification/Documents link.

    2. Fax to:  (770) 918-6271 (Individual Customers only) 

    3. Mail to the following address:  (individual and multiple submissions)

      1. Georgia Department of Driver Services
        Attn: RM-CDL
        Post Office Box 80447
        Conyers, Georgia 30013
    4. Submit in Person: Please visit Find a Customer Service Center to find a location near
  • How do I submit Self-Certification Documents?

    Self-Certification Documents can only be submitted in-person at a DDS Customer Service Center. Please visit Find a Customer Service Center to find a location near you.


  • You must keep your medical certification up-to-date unless you are eligible to certify into an excepted category.
  • The DDS encourages CDL drivers to keep a copy of their valid medical information with them at all times.
  • To read more about the Federal Medical Certification Requirements visit:  FMCA Medical Site.