SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification For Entitlements) is used to retrieve data from many databases to determine a non-citizen's lawful status in the U.S.

  • 1. SAVE does not have my correct immigration status, what should I do?

    If you believe that the SAVE verification did not provide accurate information about your status:

    • Schedule an appointment for an in-person interview at a local USCIS office at the InfoPass Web site or call the National Customer Service Center, 1-800-375-5283.

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  • 2. Why does DDS need my telephone number?

    It is important for DDS to be able to call applicants about the status of their SAVE verification case. Upon retrieval of a response, a DDS representative will call you

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  • 3. Why didn't I receive a hard copy of my driver's license/permit/ID card in the mail?
    • You should receive your hard copy within 45 days.  If you have not received it after 45 days, please contact DDS or visit your Customer Service Center. 
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  • 4. My case has resulted in a 3rd level verification failure, what should I do?

    Please contact USCIS for a resolution. Once your case is resolved, you can re-apply for a driver's license/permit/ID card with DDS. Please be advised that there can be a delay between the time USCIS resolves your case and when DDS is able to issue your driver's license/permit/ID card.

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  • 5. How many days do I have to return to DDS once I've been notified by DDS that I have been cleared for level 2 or level 3?

    The confirmation/response from USCIS is only valid for 60 days. If you do not return within 60 days, DDS will have to start the SAVE verification process over again. This could result in further delays.

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  • 6. The DDS representative called and told me to return to the local Customer Service Center because my status has been confirmed. But the Customer Service Center told me something different. What should I do?

    Remain at the DDS Customer Service Center and ask that a manager contact the Central Issuance Team to confirm your status.

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  • 7. Can I get a temporary permit or license to drive while the DDS is verifying my lawful status?

    No. A temporary permit or license is not available while your SAVE case is pending resolution or if verification is not successful.

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  • 8. How long will it be before I get a call to return to DDS?

    You should expect a call from a DDS Representative within 30 business days.   

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  • 9. What is InfoPass?

    InfoPass is a free and convenient service that allows you to schedule an appointment with a USCIS Officer by using the internet.

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  • 10. What is SEVIS?

    SEVIS is an acronym for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It is a web-based program administered by USCIS. The system is used to manage non-citizens students, exchange visitors, and their dependents within the U.S. education system.

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  • 11. What is SAVE?

    SAVE is an acronym for Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements. It is a Department of Homeland Security/United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) program. It is used to retrieve data from many databases to determine a non-citizen's lawful status in the U.S.

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  • 12. Will my appointment notice from USCIS serve as proof of lawful status for the purpose of being issued a driver's license/permit/ID card?

    No, it is only a notice of your appointment with USCIS. DDS cannot accept this notice because it does not prove lawful status in the U.S.

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  • 13. Why did you have to send my documents to U.S.C.I.S when I know that I have lawful status in the United States?

    DDS is required by law to verify the lawful status of all non-citizen applicants through SAVE. If the documents are sent to USCIS for 3rd level verification, your lawful status could not be determined without reviewing the documents. 

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  • 14. Can I apply for an extension on my driver’s license if my immigration documents are still being processed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?

    Yes. The Department of Driver Services provides a one-time 120-day extension. The non-citizen MUST meet the following requirements:

    • Must be an existing DDS customer.
    • The Georgia license, permit, or identification card must have expired or must be expiring within thirty (30) days.
    • Present an original I-797C Notice of Action. It provides proof of having requested an extension for time to remain lawfully within the United States.
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