GA Dept of Driver Services (DDS) Provides Online Renewals for Eligible Commercial Drivers

DDS is now providing Online License Renewals for eligible CDL Drivers.  

Latest Motorcycle Traffic Safety Fact Sheet Shows

Motorcyclists Represent 21% of Driver Fatalities in Georgia

Online Driver Services Open For Business Over Labor Day Holiday!

License Renewal Plus More Available 24/7

GA Driver Services Commissioner Welcomes New Board Members

Full Board Convened in August

GA Department of Driver Services Motorcycle Safety Program Says a Proper Helmet is the Most Important Piece of Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Motorcycle Helmet Usage Reduces the Rate of Fatal and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Crashes.

Unofficial DMV Websites/Apps Charging for Appointments/Manuals

Department of Driver Services (DDS) Cautions Customers Unofficial DMV Websites/Apps Charging for Appointments/Manuals

GA Dept. of Driver Services (DDS) Implements New CDL Disqualification for Human Trafficking

CDL's and Human Trafficking