Great news, customers can now opt-in to receive an electronic (text message or email) notification to remind them to renew their Georgia driver’s license before it expires!  DDS typically sends renewal reminders via postcard through the Unites States Postal Service.  Customers receive these cards approximately 90 days before a license or ID Card’s expiration. Opting in for an electronic reminder instead of the postcard is more secure and also decreases the possibility that the notice will get delayed or thrown away with regular mail.

“Now drivers in Georgia can have the peace of mind knowing they will receive timely reminders about their license or ID Card renewal deadlines in a way that is convenient for them,” said DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore. "By agreeing to receive electronic alerts via DDS Online Services, the multifactor authentication of each online account makes for a more secure communication. In addition, having a DDS Online account gives each customer immediate notice from DDS of any activity concerning their driving record which helps to ensure fraudulent activity is not taking place.”

How to Opt-In:

To sign up for email alerts, customers simply need to visit the Georgia DDS website at and navigate to the dedicated section for driver’s license services. From there, they can create an Online Account by entering their contact information and select the option to receive renewal alerts via email. Customers retain the flexibility to change their notification preferences or opt out at any time by accessing their Online Driver Services account and selecting the “Electronic Notification” link on the account summary page.

Benefits of Email Alerts:

Timely Reminders: Receive notifications well in advance of your license/ID expiration date.

Security: DDS Online Services utilizes multi-factor authentication for protected communication.

Fraud Mitigation: Customers with an Online Account will receive an alert any time a change occurs with their account/driver’s license or ID.

Convenience: Stay informed without needing to remember renewal dates manually.

Avoid Penalties: Reduce the risk of driving with an expired license by planning ahead.

The Georgia DDS is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring public safety through the licensing and regulation of drivers.  For more information about the new email alert service or to opt-in for notifications, please visit