May is National Bike Month, and the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) encourages everyone using the roads to respect each other, share the road, and travel safely including motorists and cyclists.

DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore says, “Motorists should approach cyclists with due caution, maintain a safe distance and be prepared to slow down or change lanes if necessary to give the bicyclist enough space. If a lane change is not possible, reduce vehicle speed and remember that the minimum legal space for a motorist to pass a bicyclist is three feet.”

Note: Bicyclists traveling on roadways have all the general rights and duties of vehicle drivers.

For Drivers

  • If you see a cyclist, slow down. Bicyclists are most often killed by drivers who strike them with the front of their vehicle at high speeds.
  • Make room. When you pass a bicycle, give them three or more feet of space.

For Bicyclists

  • Safety in numbers. Studies show that drivers are more careful when they see more cyclists on the road. If you can, ride in a group.
  • Protect your head. When riding a bicycle, always wear a helmet and make sure it fits.

For complete driver education and licensing information, please visit the DDS website at