Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) Supports National Law Enforcement Day and is especially thankful for their staff of eleven P.O.S.T. certified law enforcement officers, plus Investigative Assistants and Intelligence Analysts.  The DDS Office of Investigative Services (OIS) focuses on the investigation of driver’s license and identity fraud.

DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore commented, “Our Investigators collaborate with Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies in the interdiction of crimes relating to identity theft, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting and other criminal activities. On behalf of DDS, I extend my deepest gratitude to the men and women who serve in law enforcement, and a special acknowledgment to our OIS Team for their exemplary service.”

OIS is also responsible for the Agency’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) including providing Active Shooter Training for all Team Members. Emergency drills are coordinated at DDS locations throughout the State. This unit also conducts background checks on applicants for employment and customers seeking credentials in some programs regulated by DDS.

To make it easier for concerned citizens and employees in thwarting driver’s license fraud, the DDS has a dedicated e-mail address for the reporting of suspected criminal activity. Customers and employees of the DDS can e-mail [email protected] to report fraud directly to the Investigative Services Section.

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