DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore said, “DDS is spearheading efforts to improve the commercial driver training and testing process. Efficient testing of commercial drivers enables them to get on the road sooner which supports manufacturing and other industries that have a direct impact on Georgia’s growing economy.”

The goal of the Town Hall event was to cultivate and maintain open lines of communication with the commercial driver industry including training program administrators and third-party testers throughout the state.

Attendees received information on several strategic initiatives, new legislation, and received program updates. There was ample opportunity to ask and receive answers and also offer suggestions to improve the commercial driver testing and issuance process.

Brad Barber with Georgia Driving Academy stated “I’d like to thank Commissioner Moore and all his staff for bringing together the different parties that deal with the CDL industry in the State of Georgia to speak directly with DDS.  My experience in working with Commissioner Moore and his staff has been very favorable.” 

Jerry Daly with Daly’s Truck Driving School commented that the meeting was very worthwhile. “What is coming in the future is very encouraging, and I am excited about the plans to help get more drivers on the road.”

Mrs. Marion Jackson, a driver trainer with Thomas County Schools in Thomasville, said, “I enjoyed all the presentations and was especially pleased about the plans for more study aides for bus drivers.”

Presentations were made on subjects pertinent to all business partners. Of special interest is a new CDL Modernization plan approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that improves current road skills testing.  Enhancements include a smaller footprint for Basic Control Skills and the opportunity for applicants to utilize a Vehicle Inspection Checklist during the exam.

Complete driver education and testing information including Commercial Driver Testing Appointments can be found on the DDS website