DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore says “Driver’s license phishing, texting and social media scams designed to steal people’s identities are at an all-time high, so please be on high alert. Managing your driver services account online by frequently changing your password and opting to get alerts from our free mobile app, DDS 2 GO, ensures that your personal and private information remains secure.”

5 Steps to Protect Sensitive Information:

  • Create a DDS Online Account at 
    • Having a DDS Online Account and using the free mobile app, DDS 2 GO, enables customers to opt-in for alerts when there is a change in your license status. DDS uses multi factor authentication when a user attempts to access an online account for ultimate security.
  • Use strong and unique passwords. 
    • Strong passwords are essential in protecting your security and identity online. Use a phrase or series of words that can be easily remembered or use a password manager.
  • Beware of Phishing/Social Media and Other Scams
    • Imposter emails, calls and texts are the number one way thieves steal personal data. Don't open links or attachments on suspicious emails.
  • Security Software to Block Malware
    • Use security software for computers, tablets and mobile phones – and keep it updated. Protect electronic devices of family members, especially teens and young children.
  • Surf Safe
    • Shop at sites where the web address begins with "https" – the "s" is for secure communications over the computer network. Also, look for the "padlock" icon in the browser window. Never use public WIFI.

For complete driver services information, please visit where many transactions like renewing, updating and replacing a license or ID card can be initiated.