If you survived Summer, but your driver’s license did not, remember this tip from the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Most customers are able to replace a lost license or Identification Card without coming into one of our offices by using DDS Online Services.  There is no extra fee for using DDS remote services.  In fact, most transactions completed remotely include a five dollar discount!

DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore says, “Being able to immediately drive legally using the online receipt should provide customers a stronger level of confidence in using DDS remote services to replace a license.  In addition, using Online Services has the added benefits of saving gasoline or taking time off from work and/or school.”

The two newest customer groups to have access to remote licensing services are commercial drivers and customers that are age 64 and older.

Adding our more experienced drivers to Online Services was an efficiency that arose from the recent Pandemic. While a process existed for those age 64 and older to mail or fax their application and vision requirements to DDS for service, they also asked for electronic options which we now offer.

Commercial drivers typically travel extensively and a lost license directly affects their livelihood. One important feature of DDS 2 GO is the ability for customers to receive alerts concerning their license status.  An alert may mean the difference in an out of service vehicle or continuing on the road.

For complete driver testing and issuance information, visit www.dds.georgia.gov. Download the free mobile app DDS 2 GO from the App Store or Google Play.