Many believe that the Road Signs and Road Rules tests given by the Department of Driver Services (DDS) are just common sense. While the Road Signs section does not typically give applicants trouble, passing the Road Rules portion of the exam is trickier and proven by a 68.02% pass rate.

“Data shows that studying for the permit test is crucial for not only obtaining a Permit, but it helps make safer drivers,” says DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore.  “The first step is to study the official Georgia Driver's Manual, which can be found on the DDS website or it can be downloaded on the free mobile app DDS 2 GO”.

Additional helpful tips are:


The majority of teens will need to bring an original birth certificate; proof of school enrollment and residency requirements. You must also provide your full social security number, but DDS does not need to see the card.



  • Be wary of fake websites and apps claiming to have the “Georgia DMV” test answers or study sheets. Many of these are an attempt to steal your personal information or money. The reliable information can be found on the DDS website and mobile app free of charge.


  • Tuesday is the busiest day for service statewide. For a shorter wait, plan to visit during the middle of the week during the middle of the day.


  • Applicants under age 18 must bring a Parent/Guardian, Responsible Adult, or Authorized Driver Training Instructor with them to sign the License/ID/Permit Form. The Responsible Adult must provide paperwork to show their relationship.


For complete driver testing and issuance information, visit and download the free mobile app DDS 2 GO.