Photo Requirements

The following are guidelines when capturing a photograph for your Driver's License:

  • Each driver's license, permit, or identification card issued by the Department of Driver Services shall contain a photograph of the person depicted therein for identification purposes.
  • The photograph shall contain a depiction of the applicant's face from crown to the base of the chin, from ear-to-ear, and shall be visible and free of shadows.  Any covering of the head or face in the photograph is prohibited. 
  • Exceptions:
    • Any head or facial covering in the photograph is prohibited unless the covering is required for religious purposes or required for medical purposes.
    • For religious exceptions, a sworn statement on a form (DDS-352) approved by the Department must be submitted by the applicant verifying that the covering is worn daily for religious purposes.
    • For medical exceptions, other than eyewear, a signed doctor's statement must be submitted by the applicant verifying that covering or item is required daily for medical purposes.
  • Headphones, wireless devices, or items other than veils, scarfs, or headdress worn for religious or medical purposes must not be visible on the photograph.
  • Headdress - If a customer's headdress covers any portion of the face from crown to the base of chin, from ear-to-ear, he or she may be asked to adjust the headdress so that his or her face can be photographed.  If the construction of a customer's headdress does not allow it's placement to be altered to reveal this, the customer may be asked to remove the headdress to be photographed or to return to the Customer Service Center (CSC) wearing another garment that can be adjusted for the photograph.
  • Disguises, costumes, satirical, parodic, offensive portrayals, or any other statements of personal expression (including colanders and baseball caps) must not be visible in the photograph.


  1. The Department shall endeavor to accommodate any customers who object to being viewed or photographed by an employee of the opposite sex by having the photograph taken by an employee of the same sex as the customer and arrangements can be made for a photograph to be taken in private at DDS Headquarters.
  2. The Department may refuse to issue a driver's license, permit or identification card to any customer who refuses to comply with applicable rule or law related to photographs contained on driver's licenses, permits, or identification cards issued by the Department.
  3. A customer may also be asked to retake a photograph if it is determined that the photograph does not comply with Department rules and requirements.
  4. The Department has final approval of the photograph's compliance with applicable rule or law.