Photo Requirements

Please be prepared to take a photo when visiting a center.

All driver's licenses, permits, and ID cards issued must have a photograph. For identification purposes, the photograph must have the applicant's face from the crown to the base of the chin, from ear-to-ear, and must be visible and free of shadows.

Coverings of the head or face:

Coverings of the head or face or not allowed.  There are exceptions if required for religious or medical purposes.

  • For Religious Purposes:

    • You will be required to submit a sworn statement verifying a covering is being worn daily on the (DDS-352) form. The form must be approved by the Department.

  • For Medical Purposes:

    • Other than eyewear, a signed doctor's statement must be submitted by the applicant verifying that a covering or item is required daily for medical purposes.


  • If a customer's headdress covers any portion of the face, he or she may be asked to adjust the headdress so that his or her face can be photographed.

  • If the construction of a customer's headdress does not allow its placement to be altered to reveal this:

    • The customer may be asked to remove the headdress to be photographed.

    • The customer may be asked to return to the Customer Service Center (CSC) wearing another garment that can be adjusted for the photograph.


  • Headphones, wireless devices, and other devices cannot be visible in the photograph.
  • Other items that are not allowed to be visible in the photograph include:

    • Disguises

    • Costumes

    • Satirical, Parodic, or Offensive portrayals

    • any other statements of personal expression (including colanders and baseball caps)


  • If a customer refuses to be photographed by an employee, the Department can arrange for the photograph to be taken in private at DDS Headquarters.

  • The Department may refuse to issue a driver's license, permit, or identification card to any customer who refuses to comply with the rule/law related to photographs.

  • If it is determined a photograph does not comply with Department rules and requirements, a customer may be asked to retake a photograph.

  • The Department has final approval of the photograph's compliance with applicable rule/law.