OCRA Regulated Program FAQs


  • 1. Who uses OCRA?

    OCRA is used by DDS-certified driver safety schools to generate Driver Training, Driver Improvement, and DUI Risk Reduction Certificates of Completion for students that have successfully completed those courses.

  • 2. How do I navigate to the OCRA program?

    The OCRA Log-in screen can be accessed from our website.

  • 3. How do I gain access to OCRA?

    School owners and RRP directors are given access upon approval of their certification. School owners and RRP directors must fill out the OCRA Administrator Privileges Form to allow access for instructors and school staff.

  • 4. I was recently certified by DDS as a driver training instructor. Will I be required to use OCRA?

    All DDS-certified instructors are added to the OCRA database and assigned a Username and Password. However, your school may not require that you use OCRA. Many schools have central administrators who handle all OCRA updates.

  • 5. What can I do if I forgot my username and/or password?

    link on the OCRA sign-in screen. If that does not work, send an email request to [email protected] with the word OCRA in the subject line.

  • 6. How do I obtain OCRA training for new staff?

    It is the school's responsibility to train new staff if someone from the school has already attended the OCRA training at DDS Headquarters in Conyers.

  • 7. Where can I find information on how to use OCRA?

    Authorized OCRA users may review the training tools located on the OCRA Welcome page. These tools include the OCRA Refresher Course for DT Instructors, OCRA Refresher Course, and the OCRA Cheat Sheet. To report technical issues, send a detailed email with screen shots to [email protected] with the word OCRA in the subject line.