Maryland DUI Requirements

The DDS will accept DUI Alcohol/ Drug Use Risk Reduction Course certificates of completion from Maryland residents as follows:

Required Course Hours:

  • A minimum of 12 hours of participation (Determined by Assessment, Evaluation, and BAC Level).

Course Requirements:

  • DDS will not accept non-certified course providers. The state of Maryland must certify the course provider.
  • DDS will not accept online courses.
  • You may take various courses to accumulate the hours.
  • You must get a certificate of completion on an approved school/agency letterhead. Once you get it, you can submit it to DDS. The certificate must include the following:
    • Name, address, and phone number of school/agency.
    • Type of program and completion date.
    • Total number of course hours complete.
    • Customer name and Date of Birth (Driver’s License number is helpful but not required).
  • For a U.S. Military offered program. Certificates are ONLY accepted for active-duty U.S. Military personnel. DDS will not accept certificates for dependents, spouses, retirees, or Veterans.
  • To locate a certified course provider, contact the Maryland DMV. Otherwise, perform an online search for DUI, Risk Reduction, or Substance Abuse.