License Restriction Codes

All Driver's License and Permit Restrictions Codes are listed below according to the class of license.

Restrictions Codes - All Driver's Licenses
Code Description
A None (no restrictions)
Corrective Lenses Required
C Vehicle mechanical Aids Required
D Prosthetic Aids Required
F Right Exterior Mirror Required
G Daylight Hours Only
I Left Exterior Mirror Required
J Automatic Transmission Required
Q No Passengers Allowed
R No Highway/Interstate
S Power Req, Brakes or Steering
U Visually Impaired Parent or Driver >= 21
W Valid Farm Waiver Required
1 Bioptic lenses Required
Commercial License Restriction Codes
Code Description
E No manual transmission-equipped CMV
K Intrastate commerce only
No air brake equipped CMV
M No Class A passenger buses
N No Class A or B passenger buses
O No Tractor Trailer CMV
V Medical Variance
X No Cargo in CM tank vehicle
Y Hearing Aid required
Z No Full Air Brake 
Permit Restrictions
Codes Description Note
H Employer vehicle only   
T Disabled parent  
0 LP2 with Interlock  
2 Personal vehicle only  
3 Interlock Permit
  • Driving to/from: 
    • Duties of Employment, Medical Care, School, Driver Education, Court Ordered Driver Improvement, Court, Probation, Community Service, Drug and Alcohol Program, Scheduled meetings of organizations for persons who have alcohol/drug addiction/abuse problems.  Note: Ignition Interlock device is required. 

4 HV PL without Interlock
  • Driving to/from:
    • Duties of Employment,  Medical Care,  School,  Court Ordered Driver Improvement,  Driver Education, Drug and Alcohol Program, Scheduled meetings of organizations for persons who have alcohol/drug addiction/abuse problems. 
5 Business purpose only  
6 To and from medical-only  
7 To and from school only  
8 Ignition Interlock required  
9 All except HV PL
  • Driving to/from:
    • Duties of Employment, Medical Care/Prescriptions, School/College, Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Driver Education. Driver Improvement, Court, Probation, Community service.
    • Transporting unlicensed immediate family members for work/school/medical/prescriptions.