License Information for Business Partners (Barcode)

DDS appreciates your support as we transitioned to Georgia’s New Licensing System!  In addition to verifying driving privileges, Georgians are now presenting new Interim and permanent documents for proof of identity as they conduct business.

Barcode Information for Licenses issued as of June 2019

Examples of the new Adult and Under 21 License, as well as the new Interim (no longer printed on secure paper) are shown here:

Adult Permanent License

Adult Perm License Post June 2019

Under 21 Permanent License

Under 21 License Post June 2019

Sample Interim:



Barcode Information for Existing Licenses

In addition to providing additional security, the Barcode on the back of Georgia’s Licenses and IDs enables our business partners a method to quickly verify and capture the data presented by customers.  Please review the brochure for more information.

PDFLicense Printed prior to November 2012

PDF License Printed after October 2012

In addition, a sample Barcode Test Document is attached for downloading.

PDFLicense Printed prior to November 2012

PDFLicense Printed after October 2012

This enables businesses to print actual card samples to use for testing.

Examples of the existing licenses are below.  Please call (678) 413-8400 if you have questions.

Secure Process

Customers are first issued an Interim License/ID printed on secure paper and includes photo and signature Secure Interim DL/IDs can be valid for up to 120 days.

Adult Interim

Adult Interim License Picture

Under 21 Interim

Under 21 Interim Photo

A permanent license/ID will be mailed to a customer’s address on file with DDS before the Interim expiration date. To protect your identity, please destroy the Interim when the permanent is received.

Adult Permanent License

Adult Permanent License Photo

Under 21 Permanent License

Under 21 Permanent License Photo