Blood Type

Printed on the back of your Georgia Driver's License or ID Card

You may want to consider having your blood type printed on your GA License or ID Card. The service is an optional service offered at the GA Department of Driver Services (DDS). In case of an emergency, this information is easily accessible on the back of your permanent card. It could save your life!

How do you get your blood type printed on your card? 

  • When applying for service, indicate on the License/ID/Permit form to include your blood type.  
  • On the online form, select yes to the question:
    • "Do you wish to have your blood type displayed on the card?"
  • When you choose yes, what is your blood type question will display. Select your blood type from the list.
  • When you receive your permanent license or ID by mail:
    • Your blood type will be printed on the back of the card. It will be under the title Medical Information. See sample below.  

Blood Type on back of DL:

Blood Type on License Image