COVID-19 and Teen Drivers

Please view the most frequently asked questions for Teen Drivers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

  • 1. Can I take my road test at a driver training school and use it as proof for my license?
    • You can take your road test at several DDS approved driver training schools around the state, which are referred to as Third-party Testers.  HOWEVER, you cannot use that as proof for your license.  You would still need to obtain your actual license from DDS.  Thirty-six of the 256 DDS approved driver training schools in Georgia are authorized to perform third-party road tests.  A complete list of DDS approved Third-party Testers can be found on the DDS website at

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  • 2. How do I schedule my road test or get road test waiver information?

    The Governor’s Executive Order signed on April 23, 2020, for Road Test Waivers was updated on May 12, 2020. The automobile road test requires an appointment and the passing of the modified road test.  All drivers are now required to take and pass a modified contactless road test that will be administered at DDS Customer Service Centers.  You must schedule a Road Test Appointment.  


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  • 3. How do I schedule a knowledge test?
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  • 4. Will DDS allow teens to take the permit (knowledge) test online?
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  • 5. Must a parent accompany me if I visit a Customer Service Center to upgrade my license?
    • Yes, a parent, legal guardian, or a responsible adult must accompany any teen. The responsible adult must also bring documentation proving their relationship.  See Responsible Adult for more information. 
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  • 6. How do I prove school enrollment?
    • Below is a list of items we will accept during COVID-19 school closures:
      • A Georgia DDS  Download this pdf file.Certificate of School Enrollment (DS-1)  may be signed from the applicant’s school and dated within the past six (6) months;  
      • Transcript provided by the customer's most recent school of attendance (Transcript does not have to be certified); Transcripts can be printed online in most school districts. 
      • Current progress or grade report with the customer’s name on it. Progress reports and report cards can be printed online in most school districts. 
      • Current school ID issued by the school or school system.
      • Other forms of school identification, showing the customer's first and last name.
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  • 7. I own/operate a DDS approved driver training school. Is my business considered to be an “essential” service?

    DDS does not determine if a regulated program is considered to be essential to critical infrastructure.  In his April 2, 2020, Executive Order to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp authorized the Georgia Department of Economic Development to issue guidance to any business, corporation, organization, or an industry trade group regarding its status as Critical Infrastructure.  

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