Road Test Appointments

GA Department of Driver Services offers an online appointment system to schedule and take an automobile or motorcycle road test.  CDL Drivers must visit a local center or call the DDS Contact Center to schedule a CDL Road Test.  See Commercial Road Test for more information.

About the Road Test System

  • Must have a valid email address. A confirmation email with the date/time and location will be sent to the email you provide. 

  • The Online System offers the first earliest available dates/times.  You can take the automobile skills test at any Customer Service Center that offers that service.    

  • Must arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time.  Please note that if you arrive late, your appointment is subject to rescheduling on a different date.

  • To reschedule your test, click on the link that was given in the original email or the Schedule Road Test link below. The system does not allow more than 1 appointment at a time. 

  • Be sure to Skip-a-Step and fill out the required online application form before your appointment.  Completed applications are good for 30 days.


  • The Customer Service Center reserves the right to reschedule a road test if all items are not met or when duplicate road test are scheduled.
  • Road Test (behind-the-wheel driving test) are offered by appointment only. 

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