Reinstatement FAQs - General Information

  • 1. How can I get a copy of the citation that caused my suspension?

    To obtain information on your traffic citation, please contact the court where the case is pending or the law enforcement agency that issued the citation.

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  • 2. How can I check the status of my license?

    The drivers license number must be known to use this service

    1. To use online services, select Check your Status.
    2. Call (404) 657-9300.
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  • 3. I need information on reinstating multiple suspensions (or another suspension type that isn't listed on this website). What do I do?

    1. Use Online Services or the DDS 2 GO Mobile app - these applications will include personalized step-by-step instructions for getting your license reinstated.

    2. Speak with a DDS Specialist by contacting the DDS Contact Center.

    3. You can also visit a DDS Customer Service Center to discuss your license.

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