Other Service Fees

Type Term Fee
Other Service Fees
Address Change Original Expiration Date Free once per Renewal Period (1)
Gender Change Original Expiration Date $5
Driver's License Replacement (2)   Reinstatement Fees and Payment Options
Replacement/Duplicate: Driver's License, Permit or ID Card (Excludes Limited Permit and HVPL.) Original Expiration Date $5
Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) - 3 Year Report N/A $6
Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) - 7 Year Report N/A $8
Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) - Lifetime Report N/A $8
License Renewal by Internet Varies $5 Discount off Original License Fee

Note 1: Address Change - Only 1 free name/address change is allowed during the term of your license.  Any additional changes during a term may require you to renew and pay the renewal fees.

Note 2: Replacements - If a replacement driver's license/permit/ID card is requested within 150 days of the original date, it will be processed as a Renewal and new term and fees apply.