Non-Commercial Driver's License (Class E or F)

Basic Requirements

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. A minimum of 3 months or 3,000 miles driving experience in a vehicle representing the driver's license class for which they are applying.
  3. Pass a Vision Exam.
  4. Pass applicable Non-Commercial Knowledge Exam.
  5. Possess a valid Georgia driver's license.

Documents Required

  1. Documentation showing your identity, residential address, full social security number, and U.S. citizenship or proof of lawful status in the United States. Please refer to Real ID Requirements for more information.
  2. If a valid Georgia driver's license cannot be presented at the time of testing/issuance, applicant must provide an item from Lost or Stolen Driver's License Requirements.
  3. Submit a Driving Affidavit  Download this pdf file.(Form DS-36) signed by a Public Agency Employer (or self-certify) attesting that driving requirements have been met.
  4. All documents must be in English.

FEES and TERMS - Select for Details.


Agricultural Vehicles:

  1. Must be controlled and/or operated by the farmer, relatives of the farmer, or employees of the farmer.
  2. Must be used to transport agricultural products, farm machinery, or farm supplies to or from a farm.
  3. Must be operated within 150 miles of the farm.
  4. Must not be operating as a common carrier (for-profit or trade/barter).

Firefighter/ Emergency Vehicles

  1. Must be equipped with lights and a siren.
  2. Must be a vehicle necessary for the preservation of lives or property or the execution of emergency governmental.
  3. Must function as a fire truck, hook and ladder truck, foam or water transport truck, police special operations vehicle, or ambulance.
  4. Must be exempt from normal traffic regulations when operating as an authorized emergency vehicle.
  5. Must operate the appropriate class of vehicle when accompanied by a person who is licensed to drive that class of vehicle, who is fit and capable of exercising control of the vehicle, and who is occupying a seat beside the driver.


Volunteer Firefighters may be able to obtain their class E or F license for free.

  •  Volunteer Firefighters may visit a Customer Service Center and bring the following:
    • Download this pdf file.DDS Form DS-517 printed and completed on company letterhead or a letter from the Chief Executive Officer on company letterhead
    • Proof of volunteer firefighters current certification
  • Volunteer Firefighters will be issued an 8-year class E or F driver’s license.

Military Vehicles

  • Must be operated by military personnel or civilians who are required to wear military uniforms

Additional Notes:

  1. Any resident not required to possess a commercial driver's license but operates a Class A or B motor vehicle for the purposes listed in conditions/restrictions must obtain a non-commercial Class E or F driver's license.
  2. There are no endorsements for non-commercial Class E or F driver's license.