CDL Self-Certification Form

CDL Medical Self-Certification Form to identify where you are driving a commercial vehicle. This form must be filled out completely and must be submitted in-person at a CSC location only.

Based on your answers above you must certify one of the four (4) following categories:

CDL Vision Exemption Form

CDL Vision Exemption Form to be exempted from Federal CDL Vision Requirements.

Certificate of School Enrollment Form

School Enrollment Certificate Form.

Complaint Form

This form should be filled out by persons desiring to submit a complaint against one of the DDS regulated programs or instructors.

Conditional Release Form

Conditional Release Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

DDS Accident Report

Safety Responsibility Unit Accident Report

DDS Affidavit

Safety Responsibility Unit - Affidavit Form

Driver Training School Parent Affidavit Form

Driver Training School Parent Affidavit.