Affidavit for Identification Card for Voting Purposes

Affidavit for obtaining a Free Identification Card for Voting Purposes.

Application for Georgia National Guard Driver's License

Georgia National Guard Driver's License Certificate of Eligibility.

Application for Issuance of Non-Commercial E/F License

Application for Driver's wishing to obtain a Non-Commercial Class E/F license.

Application for Veterans Driver's License / Identification Card

Veterans and Disabled Veteran Driver's License or ID Eligibility Form.

Conditional Release Form

Conditional Release Form

DDS Accident Report

Safety Responsibility Unit Accident Report

Hearing Request Form

Georgia Department of Driver Services Hearing Request

Letter of Eligibility for Volunteer Firefighters

Voluntary Firefigher Driver's License Letter of Eligibility.

License Medical Disability Form

Application for Placement of Medical/Disability Information on License/Permit/Identification Card.