Commercial License Fees

All Commercial (CDL) Licenses require a CDL Application Fee 

Commercial License and Permit Fees

License Type

License Term Fee Note

CDL License (Class A, B, and C)


8 Years $32

Restricted CDL, Class B is valid for 5 years but limited to the seasonal period. 

The Farm Services Related Industries Waiver card will be issued for a continuous 180-day period. Applicants are permitted to get one waiver card in any twelve (12) month period. 

CDL Licenses with an H or X endorsement limited to 5 years. 

CDL Learner's Permit (Class AP, BP)


On or after July 1, 2021, valid for 365 days 

$10 The $10 permit fee must be paid before the test begins.  If you fail any part of the test, no refund will be issued,  The permit fee must be paid again prior to every testing attempt.
CDL Application Fee N/A $35  
CDL Road Skills Test N/A $50  

CDL Endorsements


Term of License w/o Hazmat $5 each

All endorsements except Hazmat are valid for the term of the CDL License. Endorsements are automatically renewed with the CDL License without any additional fees. 

TSA Background and Fingerprints are required for Hazmat for 1st-time issuance as well as renewals.

Licenses with Hazmat are valid for 5 years from the Threat Assessment date. Applicants must pass a Hazmat knowledge test and TSA Background checks to be renewed. 

If Hazmat Endorsements are added during the initial issuance, then no fee applies. 

All endorsements added after initial issuance require a one-time $5 Fee.

For-Hire Endorsement Term of License $15