Change Address

Address Changes

Residents are required to update the address currently listed on their driver's license/permit/ID card within 30 days of moving to Georgia.  Customers are allowed 1 free address change during the original term of your license as long as it's not within 150 days of your license expiration date.  Otherwise you will be required to renew your license and pay the required renewal fee. 

Address changes can be done Online, using the DDS 2 GO Mobile App or in Person at a DDS Customer Service Center.  You cannot perform an address change by mail or phone.

Online or DDS 2 GO Mobile App

To use online services or the DDS 2 GO Mobile App, customers must be US Citizens with Georgia residency. 

  1. There is a $5.00 discount if charges apply.
  2. Certain vision restrictions may apply.
  3. Commercial Driver's License holders are not eligible for online services.

In Person

DDS has implemented Secure ID (resulting from Federal requirements of the Real ID Act), which requires customers to provide two (2) documents proving residential address, when visiting a Customer Service Center (CSC). However, if a customer currently holds a Secure DL/ID, only one (1) document is needed to prove residency.

For a list of acceptable documents proving residential address, visit our Secure ID Checklist page.

Skip-a-Step and fill out the required online application form before visiting a Center.