Electronic GMSP 90 Day License Waiver

The Georgia Department of Driver Services is pleased to announce two major enhancements to the GMSP 90 Day Waiver. In an effort to leverage technology and foster consistency amongst the regulated driver safety programs, effective Monday, December 19, 2016, the Motorcycle 90 Day License Waiver will be electronically transmitted to the student’s driving record. It will also contain waiver designators that distinguish between State, Private, and Military. Some benefits of these enhancements are:

  •  It allows Rider Coaches (RCs) more time for class facilitation
  •  It eliminates illegible handwriting and improves accuracy
  •  It permits RCs to sign electronically
  •  It enhances reporting and auditing capabilities
  •  It eliminates costs associated with printing and shipping
  •  It prevents waiver cards from getting lost or stolen
  •  It’s one less document the student has to keep up with and submit to DDS

The Department’s staff looks forward to assisting and answering any questions you may have regarding these enhancements. We can be reached by phone at 770.918.6201 or via email at mspinfo@ms.dds.ga.gov.

Thanks for helping to enhance the integrity of the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program.